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Avoid the UK’s recent law on surveillance by using a VPN

For years it has been common knowledge that any information you put on the internet is easily accessible by the prying eyes. And all kinds of hacking tools have been invented for such purposes. Similarly, governments all across the globe have been using similar tactics to spy on their citizen and the recent law passed in the UK which gives the government all the authority to do so should not come as much of a surprise as this had been going on for years. Intelligence agencies in the UK are allowed to access any person’s search history at any time they want. Can police check your internet history? Yes they can and it will have a huge impact to our personal lives.

Connecting People to peopleSo how should the citizens arm themselves up against acts of such invasion into your privacy? The best-recommended solution is the use of a virtual privacy network. A VPN forms a private tunnel and directs all your encrypted information to go through that tunnel and therefore makes it inaccessible to any outside entities. A VPN uses a private key information which can only be used at either end of the tunnel and information passing through a tunnel only appears as a bundle and the contents in that bundle cannot be revealed.  A VPN also bounces your information through various servers across the globe. By following this encryption protocol, a VPN service not only does guarantee that your information is secure but it also makes sure that your IP address remains hidden.

It has been recommended by several experts on the matter to pay for a good VPN service in order to avoid any form of surveillance. The service charges could be considered a mere nothing cost in comparison to the privacy you are getting in return.

Even if government intelligence agencies decide to track your information, the only access they can manage is to get the IP address of the service provider you are using. There is no record of the information you have accessed but a record of the IP address of your system may be kept. There has also been the research regarding that many paid VPN services that may be asked by the government to reveal your information do not keep any records (also called no logging VPN) or don’t share the private information you have entitled them with. There have been some cases of VPN services who do co-operate with the government but if you are looking to totally avoid surveillance, you might want to keep away from those specific providers.

In recent years’ other alternate solutions like Tor have also emerged to keep your information on the internet hidden. In comparison to a VPN, the service of Tor is considered very slow. Also, it does not completely guarantee that your information or browser history is going to be kept private.

Other safety measures that can be recommended is to avoid the use of open messaging apps. Encryption apps are preferred if you want to completely keep your messages hidden. In recent times, WhatsApp has offered to keep your conversation encrypted, however, they keep other forms of data which can be used by the government.

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