Welcome to the Unexplained Phenomena and Mysteries website

Welcome to the Unexplained Phenomena and Mysteries website. This website has been set up with the aim of providing answers to all questions about Unexplained Phenomena and Mysteries you might have, and is full of links and resources about it. All too often people will jump at a paranormal explanation for what turns out in the end to be nothing more than a normal household effect. The mind tends to prefer reasonable and rational explanations for strange occurrences, but sometimes when you have exhausted all possible explanations, you are left with nothing but that area of human experience about which we know so little for sure: the paranormal. As they say, when you have exhausted the possible, all that leaves is the impossible.

Of course, not many people are comfortable with the idea that the chandeliers that keep swinging with no apparent cause, or the cupboards and drawers that keep opening and closing on their own, are actually the result of a ghost or some other supernatural event. Far more likely is that, for example, a light that keeps turning on and off, although admittedly the potential work of a ghost, could just as easily turn out to be caused by some faulty electrical wiring, and if you have not discounted this already, when you then suggest the paranormal to someone, only to have them point out the actual problem, you are going to feel a bit silly. We are always keen to hear your thoughts about our Unexplained Phenomena and Mysteries website.